THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown
THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown. I’m your host, Paul and the Sunshine Sunset brother. As the first trailer for Thor Love and Thunder is now here, it’s time to Ragnar Rock and Roll. So follow us as we go through everything you need to know about the movie, the Easter eggs, hidden details and things you missed. Bull spoilers ahead for what happens in the comics.

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown And whilst Marvel never completely adapts storylines, I’m going to tell you to off Ghost. If you don’t want those things ruined, please hit the thumbs up button if you enjoy the breakdown and make sure you subscribe to the channel where you have to hand it to us. But the worst puns make the cut and that’s how we get the paper little rock paper scissors joke there. And with that of the way. Thanks for clicking this.

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Now let’s get into Thor Love and Thunder. Now the trailer very much opens with a montage and Thor talking about how his hands are now used for peace. There’s very much this 80s training vibe to it in the same vein of Rocky, and this whole movie seems to be paying tribute to the decade he starts off by running, and we watch through the magic of montage how he ages up. This includes his classic costume, which looks amazing, and we can also see him meditating on a planet which I believe has three sons, two moons, and a satellite planet. Thor trains away using chains instead of ropes, and on his hat we can actually catch the classic Avengers logo with a writing strongest over the top of it.

This is, of course nod to Ragnarok when he called himself that and said that the Hulk wasn’t Thor. Looks like he’s very much been on a wellness retreat and the guys lost all the dead weight like screen crush when they let Ryan ARY go and allow Doug to run the channel. Getting a lot of hippie vibes from this, and we also see Stormbreaker planted in the ground. The handle for the axe, of course came from Groot arm, and thus it makes a lot of sense that he planted back in the ground, the Guardians show up, and alongside their Moss and blue alien creatures. These are potentially the intodites who have been touched upon in the Marvel Expanded Universe.

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They were first mentioned by Lady Cerf and the Agents of S-H-E-L-D. Episode that she appeared in, and we do know that Jamie Alexander will be paying her once more in the movie now. Interestingly, the Guardians are all there, minus Gamora showing that they still haven’t found her. If you cast your mind back to the ending of Endgame, then you’ll remember that she was brought across from another universe and Quill was seen attempting to search for her at the end of the movie. It was even theorized that with her being part of Thanos Army, that she might have got snapped away.

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown However, a deleted scene showed her leaving the battlefield after Star carried out the snap. So she is still alive, but I doubt she’s going to pop up in this movie. And instead I think it’ll be something that’s probably just addressed in Guardians Vol. Three. Now we catch Thor wearing a red sleeveless jacket and we know from the toilets that this will be called Ravagethor.

Ravagers are the group that Quill belong to, and they of course wear these red leather jackets, but this costume itself pulls from Thor Thunderstrike, in which he also had the boots on. Really nice corporate cohesion there, where you take an already established character design from the comics and tied into the universe, where it’s also the uniform of a group of characters that he’s traveling with, saying that the Guardians might even leave without him as he seems to get a boat and he even turns around and walks away while they take to the sky. They travel through the Hex points that have showed up in several films, and this allows one to jump across the universe. At this point we see a ship being pulled from New Asgard with two goats on the front, which are quite important. Now.

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These goats are actually pulled from Norse mythology and they’re based on Tangerine is near and Tangerenov Grocer moving on. In the tales of legend, they would pull Thor’s chariot and they were actually introduced in the MCU all the way back in 1976. The pair were renamed a tooth grinder and toothpaste for reasons that I’m guessing you could probably figure out for yourself. And day two pulled my guy’s ride on the boat. We can catch Valkyrie and also Korg standing there with first shoulder pads.

It very much looks like they’re sailing across the universe and having fun due to the cocktail party sign. And you can catch Stormbreaker firing out the Bifrost, which we learn at Kadoon Infinity War. This means Thor can pretty much travel across the entire universe and it looks like he’s going to stand on the front of the boat and fire this across the stars. Later on the trailer, we get another look at new Asgard and can see that it’s now a thriving community. There are several cruise liners there and also a van advertising New Asgard tours.

We get a planet that looks like an MC Escher painting and I love the way this twists and turns, adding to the complexity of the world. There’s also a moment where Corg and Thor stand together and look over a down beast. Absolutely love this moment. And it’s pulled directly from the comics, namely Thor, God of Thunder shows how much attention to detail they’re paying. And it’s such a standout moment in this teaser.

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And we also know that Russell Crowe has been cast as Zeus and we catch his back at one point. This is going to be really interesting and potentially we could get a pantheon of the gods moonlight has introduced Kanchu to us and we may end up getting other ones appearing, such as Bass from Black Panther. Really nice inclusion to have him here and I can’t wait to see what they do with the guy and it might even make him old Inspiro, which would be a nice surprise. There’s also an energy conference and potentially this is a nod to Rocks on the evil Corporation that led to the Marvel Universe. They have had several references to them in the MCU, but nothing major.

I bet this could be where they come out. Valkyrie is seen wearing a suit at this point, and beside her we can catch Meek wearing one too. This looks quite feminine and in the comics, Meek could have kids, so it makes sense. Now. As for Jaime coming Thor, this has a lot of precedent.

In the comics, in the source material, whilst Thor was off world battling Gore, she got diagnosed with cancer. And though she had several magical options that could have healed her, she refused to take them. Thor eventually ended up losing his worthiness. Is that a word worthiness anyway? And because of this, he was unable to wield Mulier.

He then started calling out to Jane and Heimdall took it to where it had been left behind, which just so happened to be the moon. Jane picked it up and instantly she gained Thor’s powers and this also cured her of a cancer. Thor eventually found her and now he was a bit like, well, mate, you made Thor a woman. Bloody outrageous wokeness. This is he gave her his blessing when he said that she was indeed worthy.

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Thor even handed over his name and we know from the toilets that she’ll be going by the mighty Thor. At some point in the film, he ended up falling back on his old name, Odinson. And I think that’s probably what will also be happening in the film at some point. Now, one of the big questions you might have is how is Mulmunya Kokom Pronounces? How is Thor’s hammer back?

That’s obviously because in Thor Ragnarok, it was destroyed by Hella, which was really sad because the hammer used to pull Thor off. As for this one, though, many people think that it might come from another dimension, like the one in Endgame. If we look at the toilets, we can see that it’s been pieced together again. Maybe Hella smashed it up and because you have to be worthy to lift it, the pieces remain behind and thus it was easy to put back together again. As for how Jenkins lifted, I’m not 100% sure, but I have a theory that it might have something to do with the Infinity Stones.

If you look at vacation in Age of Ultron, he could lift it. And though it was thought that this was because he was PIRA, it might have also been to do with the Mind Stone that brought him to life. Now Jane was attached to one too, namely the Aether that showed up and thought the dark world, potentially this flowing through her veins could have been the reason that she could harness the hammer and also gain the power of Thor. If you cast your mind back to the first Thor film, Odin said, Whoever shall be worthy shall have the power of Thor. So her lifting this would instantly give her his abilities.

Now, a big missing part of the trailer is Gore the Butcher, who we know is going to be the big bad in the film. Like a lot of things in this video, we got our first look at him in the toilets, but he doesn’t show up here. There was a lot of back and forth over this, and from here on out, I’m calling the guy Christian Pale. As for the design, it’s a big departure from the comics, and I’m actually interested to see where they go with it. The big defense around the whole thing is that you don’t hire Christian Bale and then hide his face.

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But let me present to you the Dark Knight trilogy. Anyway, though it’s not really in line with the comics, I think that the design is kind of creepy. The guy looks like Anakin did after he got melted in Revenge of the Earth, and I’m getting a lot of evil Monk vibes from him here. We also know from the toilets at the end of his fingers will be black, much in the same way that Agatha’s were in one division after she cast magic from the dark dimension. Now this kind of ties into the overarching theory that I have about Gore and the Necro sword, which we also know he’ll be wielding.

This powerful weapon is strong enough to but you’re a guard, but it also has a darker side to it. Wielding it could corrupt Gore throughout the film, and it may start by turning his fingers black before it moves over his whole body. Other design for the character is getting a lot of backlash. I’d love to see if it mutated him over the film, and eventually we could get a vision of him that’s more in line with the comics. Now, in case you don’t know, the comics pretty much outline his backstory really well.

Growing up, he was very religious tying into this Monk idea, and Gaul was told that the gods would shield him from harm if he ever prayed to them. However, after his wife and all their children died, he promised to get revenge on the gods and he sought out a way to kill them one by one. This led him into conflict with Door, who eventually managed to defeat him through absorbing his weapon known as the God Bomb. Dor labeled him the God of Hypocrisy, and though he killed him, he was later resurrected in following storylines. Bail is a massive gift for the MCU.

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Thor: Love and Thunder full movie download I can’t wait to see what he pulls off in the movie. The Dark Knight trilogy is probably still the best comic book trilogy of all time and it’s going to be great seeing him in this film. As for what happened to his family in the MCU, there’s been lots of rumors such as him being snapped and thus he wasn’t there to protect them. According to reports, they all died upon his return but this might just be BS because hey, it’s the internet and anyone can make stuff up. There’s also theories that they were killed by helicopter and this would somewhat set up his vendetta with door with her being the goddess of death.

THOR Love And Thunder Official Trailer Breakdown It would also tie in with a Necrosword which he may have obtained from her realm. As for my reaction, this first look has got me really hyped. Door Ragnarok is in my top five MCU films and I think it’s easily the funniest Marvel movie there is where TD has gone on to win Oscars for his directing and I think the guy’s got a really good sense of humor. Go watch what we do in the shadows if you haven’t seen it. The comics they’re choosing to take elements from are also really strong as well and casting Christian Bale as the villain is something that people will definitely want to see.


In THOR: Love And Thunder, Thor is forced to fight for his life on the other side of the universe against an enemy he couldn’t hope to match in strength – The Hulk. But asgardian warrior Lady Sif and military general Frigga may have a way to bring their beloved Thor back home, if he can find his way back first. As the quest begins, Thor finds himself reunited with old friends and challenged by foes he never thought possible.


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