The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews
The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews. Welcome back to Movie Reviews. Today I will show you a comedy,  romance film from 2021, titled Sweet & Sour. Spoilers ahead! Watch out and take care. In Incheon, Jang-hyuk, a fat man who has recently been gotten a permanent position as an engineer, is hospitalized with Hepatitis B. It’s a disease that can only be passed on through fluids, not by breathing the same air, but his parents still only visit him once and don’t stay long because of fear of catching it.

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews In the not too distant future, a new kind of diet pill has hit the market and it is taking the world by storm. These pills are known as “fat boy” pills and they promise to help people lose weight in a very fast and easy way. But is this really the case? The truth is that these pills are nothing more than a scam, and those who take them are likely to end up with more weight gain than loss.

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The Fat Boy Chronicles

The Fat Boy Chronicles Jang-hyuk’s friends don’t visit him either, they only send texts, and the other patients in the room also try to stay away from him, always asking the doctors and nurses to keep the curtain close around him. Not everything is terrible, however: at this hospital, Jang-hyuk meets Da-Eun, a nurse who is always gentle with him and even wishes him luck by dropping a kiss on his IV bag. One evening, Jang-hyuk leaves the room to wander around the hospital and finds Da-eun by the stairs, smoking a cigarette. He notices she has a ring on her finger, but she tells him it’s just her graduation ring.

She also tells him he’s lucky to have a  permanent position at his job, unlike her, who is on a contract, and they work her like a dog in too-long shifts. She’s always tired, and that’s why she’s currently smoking: to try to stay awake. Their chat is suddenly interrupted by the very strict head nurse, who comments on the smoking,  so Da-eun pretends the cigarette is Jang-hyuk’s and scolds him for it before fleeing. The next morning, she thanked him for helping her lie. Otherwise, she would’ve gotten in trouble. She starts stealing food off his plate, which he doesn’t mind, but she still freaks out when she notices what she’s doing.

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The Fat Boy Chronicles Da-Eun apologizes before leaving, but not without warning the other patients not to bully Da-Eun. Later in the evening, they share a drink by the vending machine, and when Da-eun comes by his bed to check on him, she’s so tired that she sleeps some seconds next to him. Da-sun’s tiredness worsens when she quits coffee and smoking,  even scolding Jang-hyuk when she finds him with a cigarette and stomping on the pack. As she’s so stressed, Jang-hyuk begins helping her have a better time at the hospital.

He leaves support messages on the screen of his phone, steals his roommates’ expensive food to share with her, leaves her a spot on his bed for her to nap and, wakes her up before she can be discovered, pretends not to feel well so she can take him out for air in a wheelchair and they change places later. Da-eun is very sweet to him in return, even putting stickers on his bandages,  but one afternoon when he says there’s “no freaking way” he has a girlfriend, Da-eun storms off, saying she doesn’t like it when guys talk that way.

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews There’s also the issue of her not wanting her coworkers to know about their growing friendship, so when Jang-hyuk tries to talk to her when she’s with the other nurses or doctors, she ignores him. A few days later, the doctors say Jang-hyuk is finally healthy enough to return home, and he gets sad because he won’t see Da-eun again. The night before leaving, he steals some flowers sent to a dead patient and waits for Da-eun to give them to her, but the one to do his evening check-up ends up being the head nurse. On his final day at the hospital, he wants to say goodbye to her, but he doesn’t find her,  and he ignores his parents when they come to pick him up.

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Beautiful girl falls in love with a bullied fat boy cast When he goes out for dinner with his friends, they tell him the nurse must’ve been a hallucination, but Da-sun doesn’t give up. He goes back to the hospital, and when he doesn’t find her there, he tries to get her phone number from her file but only gets to memorize half of it before he gets caught. He tries many phone numbers at home that starts with the ones he remembers and gets lots of wrong answers until he finally uses the right combination, and Da-Eun picks up his call. She explains she took some days off because she wasn’t feeling well, and that’s why he didn’t see her at the hospital, so now that he knows she hasn’t been ignoring him,  Jang-hyuk tells her he likes her, to which Da-eun responds by inviting him to come to her apartment.

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews Jang-hyuk quickly arrives at her place by driving his dad’s car, and they have a very awkward conversation before Da-eun invites him to stay the night since she feels lonely. They sleep while cuddling, and in the morning, she wakes up to find Jang-hyuk has changed a lightbulb and prepared breakfast. So much kindness makes her cry, and she thanks Jang-hyuk by pecking his lips,  stopping him from making it deeper when he tries by explaining it’s not like that. Since then,  they started hanging out together: he takes food to the hospital so she can have a snack, picks her up after work using his father’s car and gets jealous of the other fatties she hangs out with,  takes out the trash at her apartment, and offers his company when she’s feeling stressed.

Beautiful Girl Falls in Love With a Bullied Fat

One day during lunch, he can’t help noticing she’s missing her ring, but she says she lost it. He also tells her that she should quit her job once he gets his place since it stresses her so much, but she only replies with a hug. Some days later, someone Da-eun knows gifts her a vacation package to Jeju, and she invites Jang-hyuk to come with her, which he accepts. When they go out shopping, they try to get matching shirts, but they’re too small for Jang-hyuk, making him jealous of the couples who can wear them. They also stop by the macaron stand, whose clerk gives  De-eun a discount for coming before, but Jang-hyuk doesn’t eat any because now he’s feeling bad about his weight.

The vacation day finally comes, and Da-fun is waiting for him by the airport entrance. Jang-hyuk stops the taxi and runs toward her as she waves at him. Da-eun has a surprise for him: a pair of sneakers, which match hers, although she denies they will replace the matching shirts. Jang-hyuk puts them on and promises he’ll use them to lose weight for her, then runs around a little bit to prove it. We suddenly cut to Jang-hyuk running in the park,  showing him skinny and healthy. When he goes back to Da-sun’s apartment where they live together,  he makes breakfast for both of them before leaving for work, taking out the trash on the way out.

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Beautiful girl falls in love with a bullied fat boy kdrama At the office, his work tells him he’s being sent to a large corporation under a temporary contract,  and if he does well, he may be hired permanently. This is an amazing opportunity for him, but the other company is in Seoul, which isn’t exactly near Incheon. He tells Da-eun over lunch,  but they can’t finish discussing it because the other nurses arrive, and she doesn’t want to be seen with him, especially when the nurses think he looks familiar. Some days later, Jang-hyuk goes to pick up Da-eun at work, jealous of her fat coworker.

The Fat Boy Chronicles: The Fat Boy Chronicles Full Movie Reviews He introduces her to the new car he’s bought and promises he’ll travel back and forth from Seoul every day so their lives don’t have to change. He also gives her a new ring to replace the graduation one she lost. On his first morning trip to work, Jang-hyuk laughs at the other men stuck with him in traffic, thinking they’re stupid for not having woken up early as he does. When he arrives at the office and is introduced to the bosses, he discovers he isn’t the only new worker under contract on the team: there’s also Bo-Yeong,  a very competitive woman that doesn’t seem to like him very much. The permanent team doesn’t invite them to go with them during lunch, and Jang-hyuk is stuck with her.

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Beautiful girl falls in love with a bullied fat Boy movie name As soon as he gets home,  he begins complaining about Bo-Yeong to Da-Eun, who tells him he needs to try harder to impress his coworkers. The following day, Jang-hyuk brings coffee for everyone, but under the excuse of helping him, Bo-Yeong gives the cup to each coworker and doesn’t give Jang-hyuk any credit for it.

She also tells him he’s working on the wrong assignment, which is a lie because he switches to another part of the project. Later that night,  he complains about her again to Da-Eun, not letting her tell him about her day and making her do all the planning for their upcoming trip to Jeju. When the time comes to present their project to their bosses, Bo-Yeong takes all the credit for the idea, but Jang-hyuk takes the chance to cut in and say there’s a design problem that will cause the bridge to collapse.

He teases her for all the extra work she has to do to fix it, enjoying how she becomes a mess under stress and how he can leave early while she stays doing extra hours. Jang-hyuk is still tired, though, so when he arrives at the apartment after such a long trip,  he barely gets to tell Da-eun hello before falling asleep. The next morning, he doesn’t get to see her because she leaves before he does, so they agree that commuting is stressful and complicated later on the phone. So from now on, if he leaves work late, Jang-hyuk will stay at the place he’s renting in Seoul and only travel back during the weekends. Bo-Yeong becomes a bigger and bigger mess every day.

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She stays in the office overnight, keeps falling asleep during work hours, overeats,  and since she can’t wash, her clothes have tons of stains, her hair has crumbs, and she stinks. When Jang-hyuk tells her she shouldn’t eat so much at work, Bo-Yeong finally has a break-down and beings crying as she explains she eats to stay awake because she must finish the work he ruined for her. Jang-hyuk begins to pity her, so he decides to stay the night and help her finish the project, not noticing Da-sun’s texts asking him if he’s still coming tomorrow.

The next day, they present the finished project to their bosses, who congratulate them on it and tell the permanent team they should learn from it. After work, they go to a restaurant to celebrate, where Jang-hyuk avoids drinking because of his injured liver. After telling Da-eun he’ll go home when they’re done with the company dinner, he keeps an eye on  Bo-Yeong, who keeps getting drunk.

By the time he makes it home, Da-Eun is not there: she was called by the hospital to cover another nurse’s shift and will work all night. Da-Eun apologizes for not seeing him, and before hanging up, she asks him to change the light bulb. Jang-hyuk, however, falls asleep and leaves for work the next day without doing the change.

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the fat boy chronicles full movie Their boss congratulates him and Bo-Yeong for being a good team at the office and gives them a new project to work together on, which they don’t mind because now they’re getting along pretty well. Jang-hyuk begins staying late, working extra hours with Bo-Yeong and developing a  connection with her, but also canceling on Da-eun often, so they see each other less and less every week, sometimes rarely. This frustrates Da-eun, who has something very important to tell him in person and has been postponing it for a while. The second project is a success, and  Jang-hyuk and Bo-Yeong go to catch dinner together to celebrate. Da-eun, waiting for his boyfriend as he had promised, calls him to know where he is, so Jang-hyuk lies to her and tells her he needs to stay working late again.

This time, Jang-hyuk does accept to drink. One evening,  Bo-Yeong tries to flirt with him, and this is the final kick Jang-hyuk needs to return home. As soon as he enters the apartment, he finds a bunch of trash bags in the hallway, and Da-eun asks him to take them out and change the light bulb. This causes an argument about how they’re both too tired, and the other should be helping – Da-eun thinks Jang-hyuk only comes to rest, and Jang-hyuk thinks Da-eun is self-centered. Suddenly, Da-eun confesses the important thing she wanted to tell him: she hasn’t gotten her period, so Jang-hyuk uses the excuse of taking out the trash to be outside while he freaks out at the idea of being a father. The next day, he’s too distracted by this to think properly, and after Da-eun calls him to tell him the doctor confirmed she’s four weeks pregnant, he gets in such a bad mood that he yells at Bo-Yeong without meaning to, but at least he apologies to her.

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Deaf girl manages to outsmart a serial killer korean movie He isn’t there for their next presentation. He decides to be responsible, so he takes a day off to go to the ob-gyn with Da-eun, who acts awkwardly when she’s filing the paperwork with the name of the baby’s guardian. Then, she asks him to wait for her outside, claiming she can handle it alone because she’s a nurse. When she’s done,  he gives her a tight hug, but he keeps getting calls and texts from work when they go home to cuddle. He ignores them because he wants to stay with her, but tired of hearing the phone, Da-eun tells him to go.

At least this time, Jang-hyuk remembers to text her while he’s away, and when the work hours are over, he doesn’t spend extra hours with Bo-Yeong. He leaves on time to be there with Da-Eun. Jang-hyuk begins commuting between Incheon and Seoul every day, which quickly takes a toll on him. He’s so tired. He goes to bed early, barely spends time with Da-eun anyway,  and keeps falling asleep at the office. He begins being the same kind of guy getting ready in his car he used to make fun of and arrives late at work when he oversleeps, earning him a scolding. One evening, Bo-Yeong points out they’re falling back on their new project because he leaves early and convinces him to stay over, so Jang-hyuk once again starts going back home fewer and fewer days. When he finally goes out with Da-eun during a weekend, he spends their whole walk complaining about how he is tired, wants to go home, and tells Da-eun to shop faster,  not even letting her stay for long at the macaron stand she wanted to try so badly.

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As they go back to the car, he tells her to buy things online because it’s faster, and Da-eun starts crying,  explaining she came to the market to spend time with him, not because she needed to shop. He makes it sound like spending time with her is exhausting, while she’s also tired from work and still makes an effort. Jang-hyuk apologizes and accidentally calls her Bo-Yeong before driving away without noticing what he did. Hurt, Da-eun asks him to pull over, but Jang-hyuk misunderstands her and thinks he wants her to enter the fast-food drive-through.

They argue in front of the clerk: Da-eun thinks he’s cheating on her, and Jang-hyuk gets offended by such an accusation, so he admits he’s been coming over because he felt bad for her. Da-eun admits then that she’s terminated the pregnancy, and Jang-hyuk says him not caring about the baby and reaching this point are both their faults. They drive away without grabbing the food, and after dropping Da-eun at her place, Jang-hyuk returns to Seoul to start living in the apartment he rents there. The next day, the ring he had bought for Da-eun arrives in the mail, and he decides to hide it in his pencil holder. One evening, he can’t take it anymore and kisses Bo-Yeong, the start of a relationship with her. They work together and spend leisure time together, but  Jang-hyuk can’t help getting distracted every time he sees a nurse uniform on the streets or shops.

One afternoon, he’s shocked to get a message from the travel company confirming his tickets to Jeju. He sends a text to Da-eun to tell her she can use them and take whoever she wants, and can’t help noticing she’s never changed her profile pictures which says, “Da-eun loves Jang-hyuk .”He can’t stop thinking about her after that, especially when he gets a message that confirms the tickets have been reserved, so he’s very distracted at work. During the year’s final meeting, the permanent team gets all the credit for their work, and neither Jang-hyuk nor Bo-Yeong gets a position for the future.

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Afterward, they go to the company’s party, where Jang-hyuk thinks he may return to his old job in Incheon, and Bo-Yeong mentions she will study abroad. Now that he is losing Bo-Yeong too,  Jang-hyuk thinks about Da-Eun, and when he checks her profile, he notices it says she’s leaving to spend Christmas at Jeju. Deciding he must have a chance if she is still going through with the trip they planned, Jang-Hyun rescues the ring from his office and takes a cab to the airport,  where he stops the taxi just in time Da-eun waves, just like in the beginning. Of the story. However, when he comes out of the car, he bumps into another man: the fat Jang-hyu, who had Hepatitis B and is now testing the sneakers.

It turns out skinny Jang-Hyun and fat  Jang-you aren’t the same people. Da-eun met skinny Jang-hyu almost two years before the other one,  and she also bonded with him when he was admitted to her hospital with a broken leg. They started seeing each other: Da-eun also put stickers on his leg cast, bought him the same matching sneakers, and went to Jeju for Christmas. Skinny Jang-hyu even moved into her apartment too. When he started being distant towards her, she found comfort in fat Jang-Hyun’s kindness,  especially since later he would do all the things skinny Jang-hyu wouldn’t, like changing the light bulb.

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The Fat Boy Chronicles book Her pregnancy was the reason why she was so tired and napping with him, also why she quit coffee and smoking, and why she would steal food from fat Jang-Hyun’s plate. The nights she spent at the hospital while skinny Jang-hyu was away were spent with fat Jang-hyu, and it was fat Jang-Hyun’s name that she wrote as the baby’s guardian. After breaking up with skinny Jang-hyu, she removed her ring on purpose and then told fat Jang-hyu that she had lost it. When skinny Jang-hyu told her she could have the tickets, she used the chance to invite fat Jang-hyu to go with her instead.

Back in the present, Da-eun checks on fat Jang-hyu and helps him stand up. She does see skinny  Jang-hyu but ignores him, walking into the airport to leave with her friend without a word. Furious, skinny Jang-hyu insults her and kicks a trash can before going back to the company party,  only to discover Bo-Yeong has won a Jeju vacation for two. Overwhelmed by the irony,  Jang-hyu decides all this mess is his old boss’ fault for having him sent here,  then takes out the ring and proposes to Bo-Yeong as he tells her he loves her. Bo-Yeong turns him down, saying she’s not quite there yet, and Jang-hyu spends the rest of the night drinking.


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In conclusion

it is evident that The Fat Boy Chronicles is a powerful and impactful novel that tackles many important issues. It is a must-read for all teenagers and young adults. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an engaging and thought-provoking read.



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