Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny

Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny
Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny
Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny A 74-year-old widow realizes she is becoming a burden on her family. She mysteriously regains her physical appearance from the age of 20. Today I will show you a comedy, fantasy film from 2014 titled Miss Granny. Spoilers ahead! Watch out and take care. Oh, Mal-soon is an elderly widower that lives with her family: her son Hyun-Chul, who is a university professor; her daughter-in-law Ae-JA, her grandson Ji-ha who is in a band; and her granddaughter Ha-na. Imdb Reviews.
Mal-soon lived a very difficult life, having lost her husband when she was young and raising her son alone while working to support them. Nowadays, though, she’s stubborn, shameless, and very controlling, always telling other people how to do things and getting into arguments.

Miss Granny Movie Reviews

This is causing a lot of stress to Ae-Ja, who is depressed and medicated. At least Mal is home 24/7; she also works with her childhood friend Mr. Park. This café is often visited by a lady called Ok-JA, who Mal-soon considers a vixen. The two of them are always arguing, and today isn’t the exception: Ok-JA insults Mal-soon and tries to flirt with Mr. Park, so Mal-soon ends up jumping on her to show her a lesson in a more violent way. Mr. Park tries to pull them apart and ends up injured, so when he goes home later, his daughter Na-young scolds him for always defending Mal-soon when he always ends up hurt by her.


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Mal-soon happens to show up at that moment with her purple umbrella and scolds her in return for speaking like that to her father, refusing to apologize for the injury whenNa-young asks her to. Before leaving, both Mal-soon leaves a bag of peaches for Mr. Park, and he follows her out to offer her a ride on his bike. But Na-young doesn’t understand how Mal-soon can be such a close friend, not knowing he’s allergic to peaches. Meanwhile, music producer Seung-woo is frustrated with today’s auditions at a local TV studio. All the new bands look and sound the same, focusing too much on their looks instead of singing with their souls.

miss granny Movie

miss granny korean drama His assistant Soo-Yeon points out that young people can’t sing with their souls and says that maybe they should hire an elderly ghost singer and let the kids lip-sync. The next day, while Mal-soon scolds Ae-ja for doing the cooking wrong, Ji-ha tries to sneak out to go to an audition, but both women catch him in the act. Ae-JA tells him off, reminding him his future is in studying, but Mal-soon interrupts her and gives Ji-ha some money so he can go out and pursue his dreams. After he’s gone, Ae-Ja tries to tell Mal-soon that she should let her be in charge of the education of her children, but Mal-soon doesn’t listen: she doesn’t approve of Ae-jabbing stressed when her husband has a good salary, and she stays home doing chores.

She thinks she has it easy compared to what she had to go through when raising Hyun. In the meantime, Ji-has’s audition doesn’t go well – the musicians are good, but the lead singer doesn’t sing well because she spent all night clubbing and never quit smoking. When Ji-ha calls her out for not taking this seriously, she quits. When Mal-soon returns home after going out for groceries, she finds Eon on the floor in the evening. She’s immediately taken to the hospital, and after she goes through surgery, her doctor tells Hyun-Chul that his wife needs to rest in a stress-free environment.

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Miss granny movie online When they return home, he discusses the idea of sending Mal-soon to a retirement home with his kids: Ha-na agrees, but Ji-doesn’t. Mal-soon hears this discussion, and while she is upset, she accepts her fate for the sake of Ae-ja. Hyun-Chul promises her that he’ll bring her back to the house when Ae-JA starts feeling better. Mal accepted this arrangement, but her mood still suffers from it. She isn’t her usual spunky self at the café. It only worsens when Hess is approached by an angry woman whose family lost their restaurant after they helped Mal-soon many years ago when she was still a single mother trying to survive.

They gave her shelter and food, and she repaid them by stealing the recipe of their secret soup and opening her place in the same town. Mal-soon tries to leave the café, not wanting to confront this issue, but the woman has been looking for her for years and won’t let her go so easily. She jumps on Mal-soon to attack her, but Mal-soon doesn’t defend herself, so it’s up to Mr.Park to pull them apart. While he keeps hold of the woman, Mal-soon explains she did what she had to do to give her son a good life. In the evening, Mal-soon is waiting for the bus while crying when she receives a call from Ji-ha, who asks her if she could take him and his band out for dinner.

Mal-soon accepts, and they agree to meet at the station, but before going there, she can’t help stopping by a photo studio with a portrait of Audrey Hepburn on its window. She decides to go inside and get a nice picture taken for her future altar, making her look fifty years younger. She catches the bus after she’s done, where three young men hit on her. Mal-soon is very confused by this until she sees her reflection and discovers what has happened. She’s now back into her twenty-year-old body.

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Miss granny movie english subtitles  After stopping by the pharmacy to ask for tranquilizer pills, Mal-soon meets her grandson, but she doesn’t dare approach them with this new face when she arrives at the station.IgnoringJi-has calls to her cellphone, Mal-soon goes back to the photo studio only not to find it there. There’s a restaurant in that building instead, and the owner tells her she’s had it for ten years and she’s never heard of a photo studio in the area. Mal-soon doesn’t return home that night, which worries her family and Mr. Park, but the police tell them it’s too soon to complete a report.

She spends the night in a community center, and as she wakes up, she realizes her body doesn’t have her usual morning aches. Seeing all the other old ladies makes her determined not to be like that again, and she decides to enjoy this newfound youth, so she goes out shopping for new clothes and get a haircut like Audrey Hepburn, paying it all with money she gets from the ATM with her debit card. Afterward, she goes to Mr.Park’ss house and asks to rent the room they’re offering, telling them her name is Oh Doo-Ri, a mispronunciation of Audrey.

After settling in, she goes to her family’s house and leaves a note at the door to tell them she’s ok. The next day she hangs out at Mr.Park’ss café, where she looks out of place because if filled with elderly people. Mal-soon decides to sing next at the karaoke after-ja’ss a mediocre performance, proving to be an excellent singer who puts every emotion in her voice. Her act is seen by Ji-ha, who has come by to see if Mr. Park has heard from his grandma; and by Seung-woo and Soo-Yeon, who are looking for new talent and enter the café when they voice.

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miss granny korean movie After the song is over, she receives a standing ovation from the crowd, but Mal-soon runs away because she is afraid Ji-ha may recognize her. Both Ji-ha and Seung-woo go after her, wanting to hire her, but she’s nowhere in sight. Later in the evening, when Ji-ha visits Mr. Park at his house, he finds Mal-soon there and takes the Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny chance to invite her to go out for a drink. Ji-ha offers Mal-soon for her to be the new vocalist of his band, and because it hurts her to see her grandson so sad, Mal-soon accepts.

The next day, Mal-soon meets Ji-has’s band and is terrified by their metal music and looks. She thinks it’s all noise and what they should be singing is more a cheerful tune. The guys don’t like the idea very much, but having Mal-soon wink and blow a kiss at enough for them to change their minds. They first play in the park, and people love them so much that their tip jar is full of money. Some days later, they get a gig at a bar, where the musicians stop wearing metal-style clothes and match Mal-soon in cuteness, and they are a success there as well.

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miss granny netflix One night, Seung-woo finds Mal-soon arguing with a mother on the train, so when she gets off, he follows her through the streets, but he isn’t sneaky enough and is quickly noticed by Mal-soon, who thinks he is a stalker. After telling him off, she tries to walk away, but Seung-woo grabs her by the shoulder to stop her because he still wants to talk. This accidentally lowers her blouse, so Mal-soon starts crying and yelling and goes to the police to accuse Seung-woo of trying to touch her inappropriately. The cops take Seung-woo away, and as soon as they are far enough, Mal-soon drops the act and looks pleased with herself.

The following day, Mal-soon, with her purple umbrella, goes to her family’s house because-ha has invited her over for lunch. Ae-JA looks healthier and welcomes her with perfect manners, but Ha-na is very rude to her, which Ji-ha blames on their grandmother – hearing this hurts Mal-soon a bit. While waiting for lunch to be ready, she asks for a house tour and convinces Ji-hato to show her his grandmother’s bedroom. At first, she only pretends to be curious, but when Ae-JA calls Ji-ha to help her with the dishes, Mal-soon takes the chance to search her dresser for her stamp, which she needs because her family has blocked her debit card.

Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny In the meantime, Hyun-Chul and Mr. Park are at the police station watching some recordings from security cameras that show someone a usingMal-son’s debit card to get money from them. Still, the face can’t be seen because of a purple umbrella. This makes them believe Mal-soon has been kidnapped, and while Mr. Parkdoesn’tt says anything, he does recognize the umbrella. Back in the house, the family is having lunch when Hyun-Chul returns home, and out of habit, Mal-soon welcomes him, making everyone watch her like a weirdo. Mal-soon covers up her slip by rushing to the bathroom, and from there, she spies on the family, seeing how Hyun-Chul refuses to eat because of his current emotional state.

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miss granny 2014 full movie The next day, Mr. Park watches Mal-soon closely to confirm her umbrella is the same one he saw on the security cameras. After she leaves for the day, he enters her room and rummages through her things, finding male-soon’s dentures and old shoes. Meanwhile, Seung-woo turns down people at auditions until Mal-soon and her band show up. He wastes no time and offers them a deal, which the band, of course, accepts. When Mal-soon returns home, she finds the bag hanging on the clothesline with her dentures. Mr. Park sneaks behind her and tries to knock her out, but Mal-soon quickly overpowers him and ties him up instead.

Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny That doesn’t stop him from calling her out, revealing he thinks she’s killed Mal-soon and asking her to kill him because he can’t live without her. When he was thirteen, he lost his parents, and his son’s family took him in, andMal-soon’ssmilee would always help him stay strong. Hearing this, Mal-soon takes pity on him and smiles at him, asking him why he doesn’t recognize her – after watching her for a moment, Mr. Park finally realizes the woman in front of him is Mal-soon herself. The following day, the two of them spent some time together at the café. Mal-soon tells him about the upcoming concert her band will be at, which means she can finally fulfill her dream of being a famous singer.

When Mr. Park makes an unfunny joke, Mal-soon force-feeds him some of the shaved iceshe’sbeenn having, and this act is seen from another table by Ok-JA, who now thinks Mr. Park is dating a woman much younger than him. Afterward, Mal-soon asks him for a favor, so her family won’t worry about her anymore, so Mr. Park invites Hyun-Chul and Ae-Ja to his home and tells them he’s seen Mal-soon that she’s fine. Mr.Park explains that she’s living the life she’s always wanted and needs her debit card to be working again. Meanwhile, Na-young is at the community center, where Ok-JA tells her about her father dating a woman too young for him and how she’s probably after his property.

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miss granny amazon prime Na-young doesn’t want to believe it at first, but when she returns home and sees her father exercising to feel young again, she thinks Ok-JA may be onto something. The next morning, Mr. Park picks up Mal-soon at the bus stop, trying to look cool while handing her a flower. Some teenagers nearby laugh at how ridiculous he looks, and Mal-soon calls him out for it, but she accepts the ride anyway. Moments later, they arrive at the tv studio where the band will be making their debut on screen.

Mal-soon sings from the heart as she remembers her husband, falling in love with him and losing him, and the trouble she had to raise her son alone. By the time the song ends, she’s crying, but the public has loved it. A couple of days later, the band goes to a water park with Mr. Park, Seung-woo, and Soo-Yeon. When they get into the special pool, a giant wave makes Mal-soon and Mr. Park slip and almost drown – Mr. Park ends up passed out on the shore somewhere, and Mal-soon is saved by Seung-woo, who takes her to a nearby table so she can rest.

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miss granny full movie tagalog facebook He tries to get to know her better, but Mal-soon avoids the question, saying she’ll reveal more about herself in the future as she finds herself attracted to Seung-woo. Their light chat is interrupted when Seung-woo noticesMal-son’s foot is hurt, and Mal-soonfreaks out a little when she notices that the area around the bleeding cut is getting wrinkly. Claimingshe’lll goes to the hospital, she rushes out of the park, and later at home, Mr. Parkdoes a test: he pokes her foot with a pin, and that area also gets wrinkly around the wound.

Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny At that moment, Na-young enters the room and finds them in what she considers a compromising position. Not able to take it anymore, she grabs Mal-soon and throws her in the backyard, telling her to get out. Mr. Park defends Mal-soon and argues with his daughter, making her cry, so Mal-soon decides to leave not to cause any more trouble. Mr. Park wants to go after her, but Na-young grabs him and doesn’t let him go.

The next day, Mr. Park is so worried about not hearing from Mal-soon that he goes to see Hyun-Chul and tells him the truth. However, Hyun-Chuldoesn’tt believes him and thinks she’s suffering from dementia or depression, so he tries to call a doctor. Mr. Park gives up and returns home, where he stays all day in his room, lamenting having lost Mal-soon. Speaking of Mal-soon, after receiving a call from Seung-woo, she stays at his apartment. They share dinner and a nice long chat where Seung-woo keeps trying to flirt with her, but Mal-sooncan’tt allows herself to give in to a man so much younger than her, so she keeps pouring alcohol until he drinks himself to sleep.

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In the family home, Ae-Ja is taking anti-depressants again, and she can’t help thinking of Mal-soonscolding her for it. The next day, the band is recording their first single, but another producer makes Seung-who realize that this kind of slow song doesn’t fit the image, and he has to find the composer.
This angers Ji-ha, who wrote that song first, and he rushes out of the building. Mal-soon tries to stop him, making him understand that Seung-woo only wants the best for the band. Jealous, Ji-ha accuses her of sleeping with Seung-woo because he heard she spent the night at his place. Mal-soon starts slapping him for it, but then she takes him out for lunch to turn him down properly.

Sometime later, Mal-soon meets with Mr. Park at the park. He’s worried because he doesn’t receive updates from her anymore, and he can also guess she likes someone else now. He’s green with envy but accepts it because he wants Mal-soon to be happy. After gifting him another bag of peaches, Mal-soon asks him to take good care of Ok-JA, so Mr. Park has to inform her that actually, Ok-Ja fainted last week from a cerebral hemorrhage, and she’s now hospitalized. Later at night, Hyun-Chul checks on Ji-ha, who is composing a new song for the band.

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miss granny philippines full movie He tells his son the song is very good and wishes him good luck, but he can’t help noticing a picture of the band before leaving. He then searches for old pictures of him as a baby and realizes how similar the woman from the band and his mother look. Some days later, Mal-soon has a date with Seung-woo at the park, and when he confesses his feelings, she tells him to accept them because the age difference between them is too big. Seung-woo thinks she means she’s too old for her. He drops her at the hospital when they’re done, gifting her a hair clip and kissing her forehead before leaving.

Mal-soon enters the building, intending to visit Ok-JA, but it’s too late: she’s already dead. She’s so upset by this news that she leaves without noticing that Mr. Park is there. The day of the big show finally comes, and Ji-ha is running late because he is stuck in traffic. Seeing as the cab won’t be moving any time soon, he gets out and grabs a public bicycle, which he begins riding like a madman through the streets. This recklessness has its consequences: Ji-ha is suddenly hit by a truck and taken to the hospital.

Miss Granny Movie Reviews: Miss Granny When the news reaches the band, Seung-woo wants to cancel their performance, but Mal-soon refuses: she thinks the right thing to do is make the world hear Ji-ha’s song and sing it to feel better. The band agreed to perform, and the song was received well, making it a big success. Mal-soon rushes to the hospital and arrives just in time as soon as they’re done. His blood type is AB, which nobody in the family has except her, so she offers herself up for a transfusion.

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This worries Mr. Park, and he drags her out to have a private talk with her, reminding her this will make her old again and lose the chance to live her dream. Her grandson’s life is more important, though, and as she goes back to the main hallway to find the doctors, she finds Hyun-Chul instead, who has been listening to their conversation. He confesses he knows who she is and asks her to leave because she already sacrificed her dreams for his sake, so it wouldn’t be fair for her to do it again for her grandson. Once again refuses, saying it’s ok to be old if she gets to be with her family.

The two of them cry and hug before Mal-soon is taken to the operating room to Ji-ha to transfer the blood as she slowly transforms back into her elderly body. A year later, the band continues to be a success, with a healthy Ji-ha and Ha-na as the new vocalist. Their parents and Mal-soon go to all their concerts to support them, and Ae-Ja and Mal-soon are getting along better now. After the concert is over, Mal-soon sees Seung-woo from afar and decides not to approach him, but as she leaves, he is surprised to see the same hairpin he had gifted her in an old lady’s hair.

Meanwhile, Mr. Park finds the photo studio, which has a picture of James Dean in the window. After getting his picture taken, he goes to the bus stop to pick up Mal-soon, revealing his new, handsome young face when he takes off his helmet. The teenagers that made fun of him last time now look at him in awe, but he only has eyes for Mal-soon, who gets on the bike with him and scolds him for never telling her he was allergic to peaches.


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In conclusion

Miss Granny is a delightful and heartwarming film that is sure to entertain audiences of all ages. The cast is excellent, the humor is funny, and the story is sweet. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a good laugh or a touching story.



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